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002. hourglass // rp archive


    The threads listed below are for "off-the-table" interactions between the characters - player characters and non-player characters - of Waking the Dead 2.0, a White Wolf campaign run by Kae/Pam. They run alongside in-game events that take place during our sessions every Saturday. A full timeline of in-game events will be uploaded here, for interested parties, in the future. Reference links to the upcoming DWRP campaign equivalent of this game can be accessed via the GEISTNET navigation screen.

    Another page for tracking OOC shenanigans and other fun things will be available in the future.




11/6/2012 | HIKARU & CISCO
"We should go drink."

00/00/0000 | CHARACTERS.
Nullam vel condimentum est, non pretium nibh. Cras in nunc vitae mauris porta porta eget in lacus.

Sent at 2:05 AM: "If you're awake, come to my room in Falner now. If you're not awake, get up and come to my office anyway."

"It's been a while."

"Please, don't be here for me."

"I'm rather disappointed that you extended a ten-month engagement into a ten-year, full-scale operation, but you had your reasons."

"Would you be so kind as to scratch my ear? Can't quite reach the usual spot again."

Home is who you love.

"You two. With me. Now."

"Please don't eat my sister, Father Clayce."

"Can I be honest with you?"

And it's time to break years of silence.

"No need to thank me. I just happened to be in the area."

03/05/2063 | CALINTZ & RILEA
Rilea is gardening again. There has been a Disturbance in the Force.

03/23/2063 | AIDAN & KAZ
"Have I ever told you that I rather like dragons?"

03/23/2063 | YULIA & KAZ
"You did same on Amrita at Thailand. Will not work twice."

03/24/2063 | JOSH & YULIA
"So. What does lost little puppy want?"

03/27/2063 | CISCO & YULIA
"I may be speaking out of turn, but you shouldn't blame yourself."

03/29/2063 | RETHE & JOSH
"Lead and I will follow."

04/02/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
"So I guess I came here because I want to understand. Because you broke pattern."

04/03/2063 | JOSH & BRIANNA
Bans, Blademates, and Music.

04/04/2063 | RILEY & BARBIE
It's been a long time, my dear.

04/05/2063 | HIKARU & YULIA
After locating one of the singular causes of her stress and embarrassment, Yulia messages Hikaru about having a new set of sparring partners other than Saxon and Breton. It does not go as planned.

04/08/2063 | ARIA & DEIRDRA
Aria comes home late after... well, that. Too bad Deirdra is still awake.

04/13/2063 | AN'YU & BRIG
Brig heads to the Golden Dawn. Kitty needs to be presented to the Alchemists, and he and An'yu need to talk.

04/13/2063 | TANING & YULIA
"Though do know that I am genuinely interested in what you have to say. Blademates, right?"

04/14/2063 | HIKARU & TANING
The text at 3 AM: "Call me when you're available."

04/14/2063 | BRIG & JOSH
Two of the boys in the War Hounds realize just how crazy it's been for them lately.

04/14/2063 | DEIRDRA & KAZ
"Aunt Dee, it's Kaz... Uh... You got a minute to talk?"

04/14/2063 | JESSIE & YULIA
"How did you... move on?"

04/15/2063 | JOSH & YULIA
Yulia and Josh run into each other, once again, at buttfucking early in the morning. These conversations probably aren’t good for Yulia’s health.

04/15/2063 | BRIG & YULIA
...And now, Brig wants to talk. Damn, girl.

04/15/2063 | ALISTAIR & KAZ
A word before the Everyman's Walk, please.

04/16/2063 | AIDAN & BRIG
"Beliefs exist to keep people grounded, and the best beliefs are centered around the things - the people - that matter to you. Forget them, and you will forget yourself."

04/16/2063 | THE WAR HOUNDS
Brianna decides to do something nice for her blade mates.

04/17/2063 | CISCO & KAZ
"I took a walk once."

04/17/2063 | KALIKA, TANING & YULIA
Welcome to Kibo, you two.

04/17/2063 | HIKARU & BRIANNA
"Want to come over or head out for some coffee?"

04/18/2063 | HIKARU & CISCO
"These doors are always open for you."

04/18/2063 | LIANDRIN & BRIANNA
The first step to Dreamwalking is focus.

04/19/2063 | AIDAN & RILEY
Let's take a walk.

04/19/2063 | HIKARU & BRIGADE
Having heard from An'yu that Hikaru was actually sick for a while, Brig decides to pay the Blade King a visit in Kibo.

Taning's master has generously offered his house as the venue for Taning's 33rd birthday. It's a day late, but who cares?

04/20/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
SENT: 09:54 PM - "are they supposed to do that?"

04/21/2063 | NICO & KAZ
Happy Birthday, love.

04/21/2063 | RETHE & JOSH
"I can... start the movie from the beginning if you want to watch?"

04/21/2063 | BRIGADE & BRIANNA
It's weird, having no one else around.

04/21/2063 | DEIRDRA & YULIA
SENT: 10:04 PM - "Hello, Yulia. How are the knives?"

04/22/2063 | AIDAN & JOSH
"You're packing quite a lot of booze there."

04/23/2063 | DEIRDRA & BRIG
"The thing about this family is, reject them all you want but they come clinging to you."

04/24/2063 | GABRIEL& TANING
Welcome to the Thrones, Marisigan.

04/24/2063 | HIKARU & TANING
A text conversation, the night before the Big Day.

04/25/2063 | GABRIEL & JOSH
Gabriel believes that it's high time that his first (only) student has a day on the job with him. Welcome to Rhiannon, kid.

04/25/2063 | HIKARU & YULIA
Yulia receives her mask as an oni-tsukai of Zangyaku from the Blade King himself.

04/25/2063 | TOHRU & TANING
Taning receives his mask as an oni-tsukai of Zangyaku from Tohru.

04/26/2063 | TANING & JOSH
Sent at 02:00 AM - You know, I used to think Hikaru thought of us as projects."

04/26/2063 | AN'YU & BRIG
Sent at 5:00 AM - "Good morning, Brig. Are you free for a celebratory drink?"

04/26/2063 | CISCO & YULIA
Sent at 7:45 AM - "hello, yulia. i just wanted to extend my congratulations on your initiation into zangyaku. welcome, sister."

04/26/2063 | JOSH & YULIA
"...But what are you wearing?"

04/28/2063 | GABRIEL & JOSH
And it’s just another day at Rhiannon for Josh – until Gabriel pops the Questions.

04/29/2063 | JOSH & BRIANNA
This is not a date.

04/30/2063 | HIKARU & BRIANNA
Sent at 09:16 PM - DADDY HIKARU!!!!! :( :( :(

05/01/2063 | JESSIE & JOSH
Looking (like an idiot) good, Josh.

05/01/2063 | NICO & KAZ
Bamiyan is an interesting place.

Josh has his first meeting with the Big Guys.

05/05/2063 | ALISTAIR & DEIRDRA
Happy Birthday, Alistair. Yes, Deirdra remembers (because Gideon does).

05/05/2063 | HIKARU & BRIANNA
Tonight is the night where Brianna has her first date with her second Daddy, and Hikaru tries (and fails) to not think about the last time.

05/05/2063 | ALISTAIR & CISCO
Looks like someone else remembered Alistair's birthday too.

05/06/2063 | JESSIE & JOSH
Because you need some nice threads, LaRue.

05/08/2063 | LIANDRIN & BRIANNA
Boy Talk deserves Booze. Copious amounts of it.

05/12/2063 | KAZ & THE BROTHERHOOD
...And then, in true Brotherhood fashion, Kaz’s unofficial blade proceeds to get Kaz thoroughly wasted.

05/13/2063 | ARIA & DEIRDRA
Sisters, after the Ceremony of Measuring.

05/13/2063 | KASUMI & BRIG
"I am never too busy for a drink in what I hope to be good company. Can you do that for me?"

05/13/2063 | JOSH & YULIA
"You should tell him. About the Makhai. About who they were to you."

05/14/2063 | DEIRDRA & CISCO
Sent at 04:58 AM - "you're probably asleep, but i just wanted to check in with you to see if you're okay."

Brianna's birthday means everyone is totally spoiling her to death.

05/14/2063 | LIANDRIN & BRIANNA
Lia takes Brianna out to the town for a birthday dinner in a new familiar place.

05/15/2063 | ELIAS & CISCO
It's always better to hear it from the source.

05/15/2063 | RILEY & HIKARU
A tram is a perfectly acceptable place to have a heart-to-heart talk.

Hikaru's "fun detour" actually means him bringing the War Hounds to his old home. Yulia and Hikaru talk by the river, Brig checks out the dojo, and Makoto drags Josh to two graves and an unexpected conversation with Setsuna.

05/16/2063 | BRIGADE & KASUMI
And Brigade goes back to her office, yet again.

05/17/2063 | TOHRU & CISCO
"Thank you for feeding him last month."

05/17/2063 | JOSH & CINDY
And it's time for some Brennan Time in Tokyo.

05/18/2063 | EVERYONE
It's the Mandatory Hot Springs Episode.

05/19/2063 | KALIKA & CISCO
Time to be an animal.

05/19/2063 | TOHRU & TANING
Now to kick around town, Assassin Style.

05/19/2063 | WAR HOUNDS & MENTORS
Afternoon drinks with the mentors. Let's hope that the students can keep up with their masters, eh?

05/19/2063 | BRIG & KASUMI
One last drink shouldn't hurt, right?

05/20/2063 | CISCO & KAZ
"Ah, to be young and in love. Wasn't really lucky with that back in my day."

05/20/2063 | BRIANNA & TALA
Daughters of the Blade King need to know this stuff.

05/20/2063 | HIKARU & BRIANNA
In retrospect, Hikaru, maybe you SHOULDN'T have just had her read your dossier.

05/21/2063 | HIKARU & BRIG
Sent at 01:00 AM - "I need to tell you something."

05/21/2063 | BRIG & KAZ
Sent at 05:00 AM - "I enjoyed running with you and Nico at Seigi. I want to show you my favorite place. Care to run?"

05/21/2063 | BRIANNA & EVERYONE
Sent at 03:00 PM - "Hello friend! It would make me very happy if you could make it to Haven this Saturday to celebrate my 520th birthday. Drinks on me. :)"

05/22/2063 | RETHE & JOSH
Josh drops in at Haven after another hard day’s work at Rhiannon, and Rethe is spinning when he gets there. Later on, the two of them talk and… things… happen.

05/22/2063 | CEN & CISCO
...And guess who's watching Josh and Rethe as it all goes down.

05/23/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
After a massive fuck-up with a married angel, it is nice to have a bro to talk to.

05/23/2063 | ALISTAIR & BRIG
Sent at 7:00 AM - "Good morning, sir. I had a talk with Hikaru the other night and found footage of what he'd shared with me. I was wondering if I could speak to you about it when you're free."

05/24/2063 | BRIGADE & TANING
Easy on the accent, man. Here: have some beer with that.

05/24/2063 | MAKOTO & JOSH
It's nice to finally meet you, Mr. Kuzunoha.

05/25/2063 | JESSIE & JOSH
This conversation never happened, LaRue.

05/25/2063 | TALA & YULIA
Get in, loser: we're going shopping.

05/25/2063 | CEN & MARGARET
So, about that shore leave...

05/26/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH (WITH A MAKOTO)
Yes, Josh, skipping out on your blademate's birthday party is a dick move.

05/26/2063 | BRIANNA & EVERYONE
It's her party, but you can do what you want. Mostly.

05/28/2063 | JOSH & YULIA
And on the train to Jotunheim...

05/28/2063 | CEN & CISCO
"Evening, stranger. Fancy seeing you in this part of town again."

06/02/2063 | RETHE & JOSH
And it's time for some apologies.

06/02/2063 | THE WAR HOUNDS
One city, one blade.

06/03/2063 | JOSH & KAZ
Cue that “fancy meeting you here, blademate” moment.

06/03/2063 | BRIGADE & BRIANNA
Brigade finally explains where he got those sakura seeds from.

06/04/2063 | ARIA & BRIGADE
Brigade has certain things that he needs to talk about in light of his first run through the Primal Wild. Who better to ask that the Thyrsus Mage who helped him get there?

06/04/2063 | YULIA & BRIANNA
Sent at 8:16 PM - "Heya. :) Are you free for whatever? (By whatever I mean vodka.)"

06/07/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
Sent at 07:13 PM - "for someone who wouldn't drop the subject of being bored and needing distractions, you've been awfully quiet."

06/07/2063 | ELIAS & BRIANNA
Want some yogurt, Mr. Tagabigay? (And thank you.)

06/07/2063 | BRIANNA AND AN'YU
And now that she has his number...

06/08/2063 | MAKOTO & JOSH
After the high comes the terrible crash.

06/08/2063 | CISCO & YULIA
Yulia starts her training as a Whisperer under Cisco. This is going to be... interesting.

06/08/2063 | JOSH & CINDY
It’s a sibling sort of morning/day after, because Brennans are fussy mother hens by nature.

06/09/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
Sleep isn't happening. Might as well party.

Cindy Brennan has an Important Assignment for everyone.

06/10/2063 | RETHE & KAZ
Kaz DID promise Cindy that he was going to take care of the music for Josh's surprise party...

06/11/2063 | GABRIEL & JOSH
There are some things that only one's secretary knows about.

06/12/2063 | EVERYONE
Project Arcis City is unveiled to the Fifth World.

06/13/2063 | TANING & JOSH
And after that first Literature 13 Class that didn't actually have Hikaru in it...

06/13/2063 | BARBIE & BRIGADE
The Senator needs a man like you, soldier.

06/14/2063 | KALIKA & YULIA
Shall we patrol today?

06/15/2063 | HAWKE & BRIGADE
Cigarettes tend to be needed while your boss is feeding some vampires their own guts.

06/15/2063 | NICO & KAZ
Congratulations, love.

06/16/2063 | AIDAN & KAZ
Nico needs a mask and Kaz has no idea how to proceed. Good thing Aidan's around.

06/16/2063 | ALISTAIR & BRIANNA
Time to bug Daddystair about dem guns. You know that he is actually okay with this.

06/17/2063 | ALISTAIR & KAZ
So the Wings of Therion are back in the Philippines.

06/17/2063 | JOSH & KAZ
Surrogate little brother needs you, man.

06/18/2063 | AIDAN & TANING
On a cigarette break, right after that first Basic Principles of Magience Class.

06/18/2063 | NICO & KAZ
The mask of an oni-tsukai must always come from the ones who love you the most.

06/18/2063 | THE BRANDS & YULIA
So. About that engagement...

06/20/2063 | LIANDRIN & BRIANNA
Kaiser Delacroix's one and only student at the moment is about to receive a special assignment.

06/21/2063 | EVERYONE
Happy Birthday, Josh.

06/22/2063 | JOSH & CINDY
It's baby's first hangover! Congratulations, kid.

Kicking around the Middle East, Bladian Style.

06/24/2063 | RILEY & HIKARU
"It's just you there, right?"

06/26/2063 | CISCO & KAZ
Tita, halp.

06/30/2063 | THE WAR HOUNDS + HIKARU
There's room for everyone at the Tower.

06/30/2063 | TANING & SABINA
Take me around town, love.

06/30/2063 | DEIRDRA & YULIA
About that spar...

07/01/2063 | ALISTAIR & BRIANNA
So: how was your trip?

07/01/2063 | TALA & YULIA
Girls gotta check on each other, right?

00/00/2063 | TANING & KAZ
Worried not-so-bunso is worried and uses the Tower as an excuse.

07/02/2063 | ARIA & BRIANNA
Now, about that boy...

07/02/2063 | THE HOUNDS + MIA & JILL
Celebrate the good times with two hot lesbians.

07/02/2063 | HIKARU & BRIANNA
So you walk with Death tonight.

07/03/2063 | ELIAS & BRIGADE
The chief's got an assignment for you, soldier.

07/03/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
What do you do when your friend's staring up at his ex-girlfriend's window? Talk to him.

07/03/2063 | RILEY & HIKARU
Really, old friend: we have got to stop running into each other like this.

Brigade's got an announcement for everyone.

07/03/2063 | LIANDRIN & BRIGADE
Permission to go on assignment, ma'am.

07/03/2063 | KALIKA & BRIGADE
Permission to go on assignment, ma'am. Only Take Two, and Japanese.

07/05/2063 - 07/08/2063 | BRIGADE AND JOSH
A good leader keeps his blade informed, no matter where they are.

07/05/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
So much for being fine.

07/05/2063 | YULIA & KAZ
Let's take first watch?

07/06/2063 | THE BRANDS & YULIA
Watch out, Brands: your baby girl's got a temper.

07/06/2063 | TANING & NICO
Taning thinks that sparring with a Riskbreaker is a really good idea.

07/06/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
That awkward moment when you've failed to quit while you're ahead.

07/06/2063 | JOSH & KAZ
Two boys, one watch. Guess who's being a terrible workaholic?

07/07/2063 | NICO & KAZ
Kaz auto-pilots right into Nico's bed after his shift. Nico is okay with this.

07/07/2063 | YULIA & KAZ
And because their leader is being a dumbass, Kaz and Yulia take watch tonight and commiserate.

07/07/2063 | KASUMI & YULIA
In an attempt to ease her spirit, Kasumi approaches Yulia and teaches her Go.

07/08/2063 | CISCO & KAZ
Dear Tita Cisco: my big brother is being a dumbass.

07/08/2063 | JOSH & YULIA
This conversation is (not) over.

07/08/2063 | TANING & YULIA
"Hello, Yulia. I can't say I disagree with you. The guy needs to simmer the fuck down."

07/09/2063 | TANING & SABINA
That first failed attempt to recover Jessie left a really sour taste in your woman's mouth, Taning.

07/09/2063 | BRIGADE & JOSH
Josh’s latest update to Brigade is not so good.

07/10/2063 | JOSH & CINDY
Brennans really don't deal with failure well.

07/10/2063 | BRIGADE & JESSICA
Cindy is not the only one who is frustrated. J is too.

07/14/2063 | MAKOTO & JOSH
We seem to catch each other like this often, don't we?

07/14/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
"Hikaru, you and I need to talk I don't care if you're sleeping like the dead."

07/14/2063 | HIKARU, MAKOTO & JOSH
Here's the morning after, of a sort.

07/14/2063 | TANING, JOSH & KAZ
It's time to hit Binondo, boys.

07/14/2063 | THE BRANDS & YULIA
Since their girl needs a distraction...

07/14/2063 | HIKARU, ARIA, BRIANNA
Some things need to be seen, and some things need to be said.

07/14/2063 | JOSH & CINDY
How do you keep your Technomancer sister from finding out that you're taken? Tell her first.

07/15/2063 | LEO & KAZ
You're willing to pick a bro up, right, man?

07/16/2063 | JESSIE & EVERYONE
Please enlighten us, Mr. Vice.

07/16/2063 | AIDAN & TANING
Their usual class session together ends in a trip to Voidsong.

07/17/2063 | RENAE & BRIANNA
Brianna spots a familiar (fox) face in Inquisitor Skye's class.

07/20/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
Josh and Hikaru head to New Atlantis to keep the Fukuzawas company.

07/21/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
Some places are difficult to come home to.

07/24/2063 | JOSH & CINDY
Penny for your thoughts on your initiation, sis.

07/28/2063 | TOHRU & TANING
Something for when you wake up, Fukuzawa-dono.

07/30/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
2 AM and three seconds.

07/30/2063 | BRIGADE & ARIA
Sent at 10:03 AM - "Hi, Aria. Just checking to see how you're doing. Would you like some company?"

07/30/2063 | MAKOTO & JOSH
He's not kidding about that Master's Degree in Hikaru Shinta.

07/31/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
Hikaru comes back from another Walk and finds that Josh is reading his dossier.

07/31/2063 | BRIGADE & KASUMI
It's been a while, soldier.

08/02/2063 | HENRY & BRIGADE
Don't leave me hanging, man. How was the trip?

08/02/2063 | HENRY & TANING
...And how are dem blades, dude?

08/05/2063 | KAZ & EVERYONE
"Only I could come back with a video game character for a Persona."

08/06/2063 | ARIA & BRIANNA
And this is why Brianna is out for a while...

"Greetings, War Hounds. There are several matters that I need to bring to your attention, as a blade."

08/06/2063 | KALIKA & THE WAR HOUNDS
"'re benched, and - according to ALL meanings of the word - you all deserve it. Enjoy the break."

08/06/2063 | ELIAS & THE HOUNDS
You kids aren't the only guys who were benched, it seems.

08/06/2063 | TANING & SABINA
Estanislao: a word.

08/06/2063 | JESSIE & KAZ
Now that the newly minted Card's finally alone with his mentor, maybe they can talk straight.

08/06/2063 | BRIGADE & JOSH
Your input's appreciated, Taicho.

08/06/2063 | BRIGADE & BRIANNA
And how's the baby of the blade doing?

08/06/2063 | TOHRU & BRIGADE
Brig texts Brother Assassin, just because he's a nice guy that way.

08/06/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
Is this a date? Probably.

08/06/2063 | HIKARU & BRIGADE
Afternoon Sapporo's off the table, but just for today.

08/06/2063 | KALIKA & JOSH
Midway through their date, with his boyfriend's blessing, Josh contacts the Magistrate of Kibo.

08/06/2063 | BRIGADE & KAZ
The resident American Big Brother of the Hounds is rather fond of Roxas, it seems.

08/06/2063 | LEO & KAZ
Well, you did say that Kaz owed you a story, Leo...

08/07/2063 | MAGGIE & KAZ
"No. Freaking, WAY."

08/07/2063 | JOSH & KAZ
Now to play catch-up on the plane.

08/07/2063 | TOHRU & TANING
We will have Words, Heraclitus.

08/07/2063 | GABRIEL & JOSH
Color this one Very Pleased.

08/08/2063 | ANGELA & JOSH
ViceTech: bringing mothers and sons together since 2012.

08/08/2063 | NICO & KAZ
Someone stayed behind to be with his fiance.

08/09/2063 | RETHE & KAZ
It's been a while for these two puppies.

08/09/2063 | HIKARU & THE WAR HOUNDS
This one's off to Ireland for a few days.

08/09/2063 | YULIA & BRIANNA
Girls just gotta go cake shopping.

08/09/2063 | KALIKA & EVERYONE
Happy Birthday, Magistrate Shinta.

08/10/2063 | HENRY & KAZ
Explain this awesome video game Persona business, kid, and maybe I'll give you some answers.

08/10/2063 | ALISTAIR & JOSH
This talk was long overdue.

08/11/2063 | HENRY & BRIGADE
Brigade heads over to the Abubot with Kaien's pipe.

08/11/2063 | TOHRU & JOSH
Sorry is never there when you need it.

08/11/2063 | RETHE & JOSH
Friends are there to sit with you no matter what the distance during that 13-hour flight full of being stuck in your own head.

08/11/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
He'll be here for as long as it takes.

08/12/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
Nobody said it was easy.

Kearney had work for you Hounds, didn't he?

08/12/2063 | TALA & YULIA
Hello, Tala's other favorite Hound of the moment!

08/12/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
But it doesn't have to be too difficult to get back to being better either.

08/12/2063 | 108 & TANING
So, about that little Batman thing of yours...

08/12/2063 | SELENE & BRIANNA
So, about that little walk we're going to take in Arcadia...

08/13/2063 | JOSH & HIKARU
It's a beautiful day in Ireland.

08/13/2063 | TALA & YULIA
Two Bored Girls, One Villa, and a Sleazy Government Worker.

Welcome to the Mordechai Home.

08/14/2063 | TOHRU & TANING
At this moment, Brother Assassin and dogs have one thing in common: they need walks.

08/18/2063 | ANGELA & JOSH
Blue roses are in order.

08/18/2063 | JOSH & HIKARU
And these two have their first official date.

All homes are this one's home.

08/22/2063 | THE BRANDS & YULIA
Angel Duty sucks.

08/25/2063 | EVERYONE
The Hour is over.

08/26/2063 | JOSH & HIKARU
This is awkward, but it does need to get done.

Post-debriefing. It's been a long day, but at least you're among friends.

08/28/2063 | THE DOVETAILOR
Inquisitor Sawyer Mesch has a message for everyone, on behalf of the Malice Kings.

08/28/2063 | KASUMI
The Mother of the Wolf has a message for her brothers and sisters.

08/28/2063 | MAES
Maes has returned to the Malice Kings.

08/28/2063 | HAWKE
Head's up, HECATON.

08/28/2063 | TOHRU
The Assassin has returned to the fray.

08/30/2063 | JOSH & HIKARU
Sometimes, we walk because we need to clear our heads.

08/30/2063 | 108 & THE HOUNDS
Please do come: my brother's birthday is tomorrow.

Brigade invites a whole lot of people to Disneyland.

08/30/2063 | MICA AND JOSH
Is something going on, or did something already happen?

08/30/2063 | DOVE AND KAZ
Wine shopping made that much better by good company.

08/30/2063 | JOSH & HIKARU
Gift shopping sometimes evolves into Superpowered Family Feelings.

08/31/2063 | TANING & YULIA
You know it's scary when you start to get along.

08/31/2063 | NICO & KAZ
The Vucari have arrived.

08/31/2063 | LIANDRIN & JOSH
It's back to Ateneo for Ma'am Delacroix.

08/31/2063 | THE BRANDS & YULIA
Bigger puppies go and cry to their little sister puppies whenever Daddy Wolf gets Angry.

08/31/2063 | HIKARU & YULIA
Who in their right mind WOULDN'T be worried when one's surrogate aunt/uncle/mother/father-thing ends up cornering your boyfriend?

08/31/2063 | RILEY & TANING
Would you like a cigar, good sir?

09/01/2063 | JOSH & HIKARU
Sometimes, you just don't sleep well.

09/01/2063 | MAES & KAZ
Maes has an interesting proposal for a certain wielder of the Wings.

09/01/2063 | KAZ & EVERYONE ELSE
A boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do.

09/01/2063 | YULIA & KAZ
"You are leaving without saying goodbye in person. Like Brianna."

09/03/2063 | JOSH & HIKARU
Later, after Meet the Parents Version Waking the Dead...

09/03/2063 | TANING & SABINA
These two have their own talk in the aftermath of the Parentals. A talk, and then some.

09/04/2063 | LIANDRIN & YULIA
Good operatives greet their sisters in the Vigil.

09/04/2063 | THE BRANDS & YULIA
And since it'll be somebody's birthday tomorrow, and there ARE souvenirs to be handed over....

09/04/2063 | JOSH & HIKARU
Strangeness and fucked up business aside, a birthday deserves to be celebrated.

09/07/2063 | THE BRANDS & YULIA
Baby sister wants to take her big crazy old brothers to her hometown.

09/07/2063 | KAIZEN & JOSH
Kaizen Tempesta has entered the building.

09/12/2063 | J & THE WAR HOUNDS
Change of orders, kids.

09/17/2063 | JOSH AND HIKARU
That moment when your place is his place, and soon his place will be yours.

09/17/2063 | TANING & NABERIUS
So, pet.

08/18/2063 | HIKARU & TANING
Let's get high, brother.

So you're all on a submarine.

09/22/2063 | JOSH & YULIA
Now that they have kind of made up...

The Kaiser is at Colina de las Espadas for the day.

09/22/2063 | ANGELA & THE WAR HOUNDS
Angela Brennan addresses her troops

09/22/2063 | KAIEN & JOSH
Quiet disapproval, engage.

09/23/2063 | ANGELA & BRIGADE
The burden of responsibility.

09/24/2063 | KAIEN & BRIGADE
Drinks and constant conversation after Alchemy geekery.

09/24/2063 - 09/26/2063| DEIRDRA & YULIA
NSC004: "Many Hands Make Better Work". Also known as, "Brb Terrorizing n00bs".

09/24/2063 - 09/26/2063 | ALISTAIR & KAZ
OMS004: "Seeking the Chosen". Also known as, "Maistir Time".

09/25/2063 - 09/26/2063 | BRIGADE, JOSH & THE MONKEY EATERS
SA012: "The Night Roads Aren't Always So Pleasant". Also known as, "Shit Goes Down After Sunset".

09/26/2063 - 09/27/2063 | JASON, BRIGADE & YULIA
SA005, 006 & 007, also known as "Good Cop, Bad Cop, Worse Cop."

09/26/2063 - 09/27/2063 | JOSH, TANING & KAZ
SA003 & SA009, Also Known As "Goddamned Suicide Cultists".

09/29/2063 | MAKOTO & KAZ
"Why me?"

09/29/2063 | JOSH & HIKARU
We like to believe that we fight because we care.

09/29/2063 | MAKOTO & TANING
On the waiting party.

09/30/2063 | HIKARU & KASUMI
Coming back to the water - or trying to, at least.

10/09/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
Sundays are for road trips and picnics.

10/11-14/2063 | THE HOUNDS, HIKARU, KAIEN & AN'YU
Spending a few days in the Black Forest.

Going to hell in a handbasket.

10/28/2063 | KZA & JESSIE
Someone needs help with his fiancee's engagement ring.

10/31/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH
Stealing away to make use of that key-card Kaz got them.

11/01/2063 | HIKARU & JOSH

Definitely not in the Fifth World anymore.

There's a dragon sleeping in the royal courtyard.

"And sometimes, it's precisely because you're a tough lot that you can be such a headache."

Sometimes, training out your Vice isn't anywhere near enough.

At night, on the journey back to Eriskay from Ys.

At night, on the journey back to Eriskay from Ys.

At night, on the journey back to Eriskay from Ys.

At night, on the journey back to Eriskay from Ys.

Even when the fox doesn't mean to, she stumbles across a river.

"I'm not going to even tell myself that you didn't just enjoy me carting you over like a sack of laundry."

"I hope you were not too bored while we were gone...?" / "I only wish."

Making better memories to overcome the bad.

00/00/2063 | PARTY INVOLVED
Blurb goes here.

00/00/2063 | PARTY INVOLVED
Blurb goes here.

00/00/2063 | PARTY INVOLVED
Blurb goes here.

00/00/2063 | PARTY INVOLVED
Blurb goes here.

00/00/2063 | PARTY INVOLVED
Blurb goes here.


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Waking the Dead 2.0 / Backtagging
Characters: Taning & Josh
Date: 13 June 2063, Wednesday
Content: Well, first day in Lit13 turned out to be short one Professor Shinta. Yosi tayo, bro?
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I am not sure if some are a double post, but I'm putting them just in case.:)

Apologies, there were some new Kasumi tags which I haven't tracked here yet. I shall do so next time.:D
Brig waits outside the Seth's Rest barracks to train the base assets. He is being watched by Maes
Brig checks up on Aria after the South America engagement
Brig contacts Henry Lim about bringing Kaien's pipe over as talked about earlier in the month
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Waking the Dead 2.0 / 7 August 2063
Josh likes Rethe's comment on Kaz's FB post and one Sin-Eater and one Card catch up on the plane to Tokyo
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eep forgot about this

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14 July 2063, It's time to hit Binondo, boys.
Josh, Kaz and Taning
Shopping plans for Josh's room right after Hikaru leaves
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Put Jill's in here anyway, regardless of new exp or not.:)
Brig speaks with Jill at King's Rest after her homecoming.

Brother Death's Hour Celebration:
Brig goes up to J and apologizes for performing poorly
Brig waits for a moment with Kalika
Brig sees Sensei An'yu and goes to congratulate him
Brig approaches David Young. He's hoping to talk strategy with him. If not, then a chance to meet the Wild Card of Wolf's Choice.
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[personal profile] atlas_shrugged 2014-05-14 10:39 am (UTC)(link)
Brig messages Big Boss about putting a bullet into Howard's head.
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Waking the Dead 2.0
Characters: Taning and Riley
Date: 31 August 2063
Setting: Regardi Estate, Gabriel's Birthday Party
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Waking the Dead 2.0
Characters: Kaz and everyone else
Date: 1 September 2063
Setting: mobile, texts and calls
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[personal profile] ktotheatothez 2014-06-10 09:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Waking the Dead 2.0
Characters: Kaz and Yulia
Date: 1 September 2063
Setting: mobile, texts and calls

(sorry, I totally forgot I left this starter 'round the same time. I promise there is a good reason as to why Yulia is separated.)
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Waking the Dead 2.0 | Nyx Shenanigans
Characters: Yulia and Taning
Date: August 31, 2063, morning
Content: Yulia and Taning work together, learn how scary that can be
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Morning of the 31st, so before! Cisco took them back home to go to the party around 6pm. :)
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Waking the Dead 2.0 | Submarine Shenanigans
Characters: Yulia and Taning
Date: September 19, 2063
Content: Taning has an interesting question for you, Yulia
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Waking the Dead 2.0 | Backtagging
13 August 2063, The Mordechai Home, Ireland
Kaz & Josh : "Got A Moment, Bro?"